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The Time Machine is a 1960 time travel science fiction film based on the 1895 novel of the same name by H. G. Wells in which a man from Victorian England constructs a time-travelling machine which he uses to travel to the future.

The film was produced and directed by George Pal, who had earlier made a film version of The War of the Worlds (1953).

Pal always intended to make a sequel to The Time Machine, but he died before it could be produced; the end of Time Machine.The film received an Oscar for time-lapse photographic effects showing the world changing rapidly. Wikipedia

Initial Release: Aug. 17, 1960
Awards: The film received an Oscar for time-lapse photographic effects showing the world changing rapidly.

The Time Machine 1960
The Time Machine 1960

IMDB Rating: 6.8

Starring: Rod Taylor, Alan Young, Yvette Mimieux

Director: George Pal

Writters: David Duncan , H.G. Wells

Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance

Description:A Victorian Englishman travels to the far future and finds that humanity has divided into two hostile species. .

Plot Summery: [Spoiler Alert!]

On January 5, 1900, a disheveled looking H.G. Wells - George to his friends - arrives late to his own dinner party. He tells his guests of his travels in his time machine, the work about which his friends knew.

They were also unbelieving, and skeptical of any practical use if it did indeed work. George knew that his machine was stationary in geographic position, but he did not account for changes in what happens over time to that location. He also learns that the machine is not impervious and he is not immune to those who do not understand him or the machine's purpose.

George tells his friends that he did not find the Utopian society he so wished had developed. He mentions specifically a civilization several thousand years into the future which consists of the subterranean morlocks and the surface dwelling eloi, who on first glance lead a carefree life. Despite all these issues, love can still bloom over the spread of millennia. Written by Huggo