About Us


Hiking Over the last few decades, I have most of the movies I remember from my childhood, in addition to thousands of other movie titles that friends, family and co-workers have requested from me in the past.


Growing up in Hollywood, California is were all the magic in my life began. As a boy, I used to ride my 'Stingray' bicycle to Culver City and sneak in to the MGM lot, Paramount Studios on Melrose Avenue was just a few blocks from Le Conte Junior High (where I attended school in the early 60's).


When I was 10 years old, I remember playing army with a few of the neighborhood kids in the back lots of Universal Studios before it became this "attraction"{ when my family lived near Studio City.


With the advent of the DVD, what turned out to just be a labor of love gradually transitioned into a small side business for me. I slowly became "The Movie Guy" and I was okay with it, since I was always talking about films I either saw or wanted to see.


Most of my time nowadays, (perhaps too much) is set aside for procuring the very best source material and/or versions of classic sci-fi and horror movies at the behest for my customers. Secondly we are seriously interested curating the genre as well as restoration and preservation.


Thank you, Rick Valero